Water Softner System

Shikhar Aquatech is used primarily to produce Zero soft water by highly acidic cation exchanger, which removes calcium and magnesium ions. Shikhar Aquatech series water softener systems are designed for longer operating cycles, low regeneration cost. The systems incorporate the proven technique of counter and co-counter currant regeneration flow rate for to economically suit the demand of soft water for medium scale industries and commercial use.

Our offered Commercial Water Softener range of products comprises of Water Softener Systems, Electric Water Softener, etc. Due to the perfection and dedication maintained in our products and services, Shikhar Aquatech is known as a trusted in Jaipur. Our range of solutions is provided for the clients in their desired specifications and application requisites. Standard as well as customized solutions are available for the customers at leading and excellent rates.

Shikhar Aquatech has experts who design and execute the production of water softeners systems, and ensure that all customers' requirements are fulfilled in terms of operation, capacity, quality and types. We even have gained immense appreciation from numerous of our clients for the quality and perfection delivered by us.